Dawty Music Group

Two Producers who started off making their mark on separate continents now run a San Diego-based production company that creates hits for major artists including Estelle, Janelle Monae and Wale.

Dawty Music Group got its start back in 2008, when two musicians, on a mission to create a sound of their own, teamed up.

Warren Kurtiss and Tyler Reynolds come from different backgrounds but share a goal to bring good music back into the mainstream. They write, edit and produce melodies for a range of genres including rap, hip hop and pop.

Warren and Tyler drew upon their musical backgrounds to build Dawty Music Group from the ground up. After years of hard work they have built a strong following overseas and here in America. They have even gone double platinum in France and triple platinum in Japan. 

During this episode from Season One of The Block, the founders of Dawty Music share their journey to success.