Brandi Kirschbaum - Heartsleeves Coffee

You might miss it if you don’t look carefully.

Nestled between two boutique shops in Little Italy -- in a blue building on Fir Street -- is Heartsleeves Coffee, a hidden gem serving up some of the best coffee in San Diego. As you walk in, you may feel as if you’ve fallen “down the rabbit hole,” noting the whimsical "Alice and Wonderland" theme.

Decorated with clocks, watches and hand sketched drawings of Alice, the decor truly makes for a magical coffee drinking experience. Behind the magic is owner and operator, Brandi Kirschbaum, who opened Heartsleeves with the dream of touching lives through a warm cup of Joe.

After feeling burnt out at her high-stress office job, Kirschbaum decided to open Heartsleeves. She had never worked in a coffee shop before, but she had experimented with coffee concoctions at home at decided to take a leap of faith. Some of the drinks on the menu include The Dutchess (infused with cinnamon sugar), the Lavender Latte (arguably the best) and a variety of cold brew options.

If you are looking for a quality drink and a positive experience, head to Heartsleeves.

During this episode from season one of The Block, the owner of Heartsleeves shares her moving story of how the Little Italy community supported her during some of her most challenging times.