Amy & Paul Anglin - Pigment

Pigment, a shop in North Park initially meant to showcase its own artwork, is now a staple for several local creators and artists.

“If we knew what we were getting into, we probably wouldn’t have done it. Because I would have been too scared," the owners of the shop, Amy and Paul Anglin, told The Block.

Fortunately, they dove in and created the ever-changing shop, which specializes in handmade gifts created by local artists, from cards and artwork to naturally-scented candles.

The large teal sign on 30th street lets you know you have arrived. Upon entering the hidden gem, customers are greeted by an array of colorful designs.

The store began as a place to display and sell paintings and vignettes. As more and more kindred spirits began showcasing their art and products, the store grew into what it is today.

The mission of pigment is simple, the owners want their customers to truly love what they purchase. And their selection is vast: you can pick up top-shelf cold brew, pot your own succulent and grab a birthday card all in one place.

In addition to a cool shopping experience, Pigment also hosts artsy workshops like "Build Your Own Terrarium Night."

During this episode from season one of The Block, we sit down with the owners of Pigment as they share the story on how their blossoming business got its start.

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