Season 1


The Block TV covers the BEATS (Business, Entertainment, Art, Technology, and Sports) of "America’s Finest City," delivering unique stories that impact San Diego, as well as its surrounding areas.


Episode 1

The Cut Master, Pigment, a Player, and An Empire

In this episode we introduce you to a former NFL player-turned-pastor, as well as a music producer for one of television's hottest shows, "Empire."  We also introduce you to an artist who accidentally discovered her style of art to create amazing muses. You will also meet the owners of one of North Park's most recognizable stores, a place where the distinct items are in high demand. 


Episode 2

Goons, Drones, Designs, and Grammys

In the second episode of The Block TV, an artist from Encinitas, Califofrnia, finds his niche in art using goons. We also feature Dave McKinney, owner of Edison Mfg Co., whose love for handcrafted items inspired him to create a company that he could use to share the masterpieces he created.

Then we feature the co-founder of the country’s largest drone manufacturing company, and a  Grammy-nominated music producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Kanye West, Beyonce, Jay Z, and Audio Push.

Episode 3

Toys, Threads, Triptych, and Tracks.

In this episode, we feature the co-founder of the country’s most popular running franchises, The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, as well as an artist that uses cutouts from comic books to create some incredible masterpieces.

We also talk with a fashion designer who discovered a love for her craft after making clothes for friends at school, and discuss the creation of one of the most popular stores during San Diego Comic-Con International.


Episode 4

The Family,  The Queen, The Runner, and The Duo

In this episode, we sit down with Green Bay Packer Hall-of- Famer, John Brockington, whose life was changed by the most unlikely of sources. We also feature a duo who brought styles from two different continents to make one unique sound.

You'll also learn about one of San Diego's favorite spots for Filipino food, and hear the story of a beauty queen who followed her passion for food, which landed her on Fox's "Master Chef" show.

Episode 5

Innovators, The Overcomer, Passion, and The Soul Man

In the 5th episode of The Block TV, we talk to Diane Haworth and Michael Varbaek, the founders of one of San Diego's best farmers markets. Then, we introduce you to the founder of one of the biggest dance competitions in the county: Body Rock Dance Competition.

Also in this episode is the founder of The Bonobo Project, Ashley Stone. She talks about how her love for animals at a young age led her to down a path to create her foundation that works to protect the endangered and loving Bonobo apes. And finally, you will meet the owner of an award-winning soul food restaurant in Logan Heights, Reggie Harper.


episode 6

Footballs, Radios, Runways, and A Great Story

In the 6th episode, we feature the woman behind Fashion Week San Diego, Allison Andrews. We also follow the journey of a former Oakland Raider who rose from the dark side of sports to become the head coach of one of San Diego's most celebrated football programs. Then we hear the story of Shelley Wade, who started as a receptionist at a radio station in her native Houston, Texas, to become one of the country's top radio personalities. And finally, a Texas native whose passion to inspire others led him down a path to create a brand that has now become known internationally.


episode 7

The Street King, Ice Cream Queen, Etiquette Lady, and Juice Man

In the 7th episode, we feature one of streetboarding's biggest stars, Sergi Nicolas, and Trang Hammond, owner of Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream, voted San Diego's best ice cream shop. 

Also featured is America's favorite etiquette expert, Elaine Swann, who talks about her humble beginnings, and journey to become "The Etiquette Lady." Then we feature the owner of Fully Loaded Micro Juicery, Kaz Murphy, who discusses his unique reason for creating the company and why it was so important for him to use it to help others.


episode 9

V for Victory, Local Kraving, Greek Goddess, and Runway Fashion Queen

In this episode, we feature radio personality Frankie V who overcame a speech impediment to become the voice behind a No. 1 radio station. We also talk with an entrepreneur who has a knack for flavor. 

Also in this episode is Athens Market Taverna owner Mary Pappas, who has been serving some of San Diego's most influential people for over four decades. And finally, we meet "Project Runway" Season 14 winner, Ashley Nell Tipton who fought through ridicule and a learning disability to become a designer for one of the country's long-running retailers, JcPenney.


Episode 8

Poetry, Passion, Adversity, and Destiny

In this episode, we feature spoken word artist and producer Kendrick Dial whose love for writing led him to create Lyrical Groove, an award-winning music group. We also sat down with the Acero twins, Marie and Michelle, who followed their passion for film to create a masterpiece that has won awards across the country.

In another segment, we head over to Little Italy to explore Heartsleeves Coffeehouse, Brandi Kirschbaum's unique, cozy spot to grab a cup of java. Her story of triumph and determination is as inspiring as some of the remarkable flavors she serves up.

And lastly, we talk with a Super Bowl winning running back whose faith took him farther than he imagined, in the NFL and life.


Episode 10

From PA to NBC, Vegan's Best, and Power Player

In the FINAL EPISODE of Season 1, we feature a former NFL player who has carved his niche in America's Finest City as a premiere sportscaster and producer. Then we introduce you to the man behind Plant Power, who wants to expand his vegan restaurants to every state.

And finally, we share the inspirational story of one of MLB's best closing pitchers, and how he made it to the big leagues.